Friday, February 20, 2015

Dining in Hong Kong - Let Your Taste Buds Go Wild

Hong Kong Dining Experience

Acclaimed as "Gourmet Paradise" and "World's Fair of Food", one word to describe the dining experiences in Hong Kong would be 'Variety'. There's no shortage of restaurants that differ not only on their menu but also price and ambience. The city has over 11,000 restaurants that offer Cantonese, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Pakistani, French, American and Italian cuisine, to name a few.

The origin of Hong Kong cuisine began when it functioned as a British colonial outpost, becoming a location that everyone from British merchants, Chinese coolies, farmers and fisherman all gathered. As most people in Hong Kong eat 5 times a day, portions per meal are relatively small. However meals are served with big portions of either rice or noodles.

Dining culture in can be broadly categorized into Hawker and restaurants. Hawker food is essentially food stalls operating on mobile carts, serving local snacks in the like of fish ball, roasted chestnuts and Put chai ko, a kind of rice pudding. Dim Sum is another Hong Kong specialty. Generally apart of either breakfast or lunch, these come served in exotic bamboo baskets and are generally accompanied by loads of Chinese tea.

Ashley Road, Lei Yu Men, Knutsford Terrace and Observatory Court, Kowloon City, Hillwood Soho, Hung Hom are some must taste areas in Kowloon. Ashley Road is a street full of different restaurants that -are open until late in the night while Lei Yu Men is a fishing village that specializes in seafood. You can pick your seafood live from the tank like in most seafood restaurant but the specialty is that you can also choose the restaurant where you want it cooked. Knutsford Terrace and Observatory court is slightly on a higher price range with around 30 restaurants, but walking down the streets of Kowloon City you will definitely come across many street food stalls as well.

Hong Kong hospitality is also as old as its cuisine. Serving as a British outpost meant that many lodgings came up to accommodate people.


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