Friday, February 20, 2015

Savour Hong Kong’s Scrumptious Seafood Dining Experience!

Hong Kong

The dynamic and vibrant city of Hong Kong commands an expansive skyline and is one of the world's premier hubs for finance and business. For the discerning traveller, Hong Kong offers a veritable feast of interesting sights and attractions to experience and enjoy. From theme parks, to museums and places of religious significance, travellers to Hong Kong can be rest assured that there will be something of interest to all. Some of these attractions include the Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Disneyland, Ocean Park, Repulse Bay and the Wong Tai Sin Temple. Hong Kong's shopping and nocturnal experiences are also quite happening.

Like in most East Asian countries seafood is king and no visit to Hong Kong will be complete without a traveller trying out its mouth-watering array of seafood dishes. The preparation of live seafood is not only a vocation in these parts but it's also considered a form of culinary art - and rightfully so. The city is dotted with hundreds of seafood restaurants and eateries that serve dishes made of almost anything that moves underneath the ocean surface. This includes, fish, prawns, lobsters, crabs, oysters and clams. The four main seafood areas in Hong Kong are Lei Yue Mun, Sai Kung and the islands of Cheung Chau and Lamma.

Sai Kung is home to a number of excellent alfresco restaurants along the waterfront serving an array of delectable seafood dishes while the tiny village of Lei Yue Mun also features many top notch yet affordable seafood eating houses. The islands of Cheung Chau and Lamma are two more areas where a number of seafood restaurants are available for visitors to indulge in. Most of the seafood restaurants in Hong Kong present the live specimen in giant tanks, and guests can choose for themselves what and how they consume it.


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