Friday, February 20, 2015

Hong Kong Museum of Art – Experience the Chinese Cultural Heritage

Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Amongst the various attractions in Hong Kong, the Museum of Art is a much visited place due to the valuable information it offers regarding the history and culture of this island. This museum is managed and functioned by the Department of Leisure and Cultural Services of Hong Kong and the Museum of Art was initiated in 1962. Back then it was housed is the City Hall and once its own premises were built by the Hong Kong Cultural Centre it moved to its new home in 1991. A smaller branch of the museum can be found at the Hong Kong Park in the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware.

The exhibits exceed 15,700 objects and the whole idea behind this establishment is to ensure the preservation of the Chinese cultural heritage and to promote local art and craft. The exhibits include calligraphy works, Chinese paintings, paintings of historical significance, antique objects, and even a collection of modern art inspired by the ancient traditions of China. There are various exhibition galleries under different themes.

The permanent exhibitions include calligraphy through the ages, animals in art, Chinese gold, Gems of Chinese Ceramics, and Chinese accessories. There are also various thematic exhibitions such as the Art of Feng Zikai, Wu Guanzhong: Painting, Dance and Music, and the Secret Garden of Emperor Qianlong, on display here. Other collections to look forward to are, Xubaizhai Collection of calligraphy and paintings, K.S. Lo Collection of seals and tea ware, Hong Kong Art, Historical Pictures, Chinese fine art and Chinese antiquities.

The Hong Kong Museum of Art also organizes a range of educational programmes to promote art amongst the general public and also to support and encourage local artists. These include, Art for Fun, Art for All, LoveArt Family, Art Alive, and Art Accessibility.

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